Online Fire Training

Training Development Group Fire Academy is an online Fire Academy that is designed to fit into any schedule.

Are You Ready To Start Your Career In Firefighting?

Do you need the flexibility of an online certification program? Are you wanting to attend a program that will provide you with everything you need from start to finish (with exception of some personal items)? Are you wanting a program that will teach you and include a number of things that one may expect to learn in addition to the TCFP requirements (ie., life safety techniques, saving your own instruction, learning about the fire service culture, etc)?

Training Development Group Fire Academy is dedicated to the success and training of fire fighters.


Experienced. Qualified. Dedicated.

Our team is made up of expert instructors who are experienced firefighters and EMS providers that currently work in the industry and serve their communities. Owner and COO, Tim Whetstone, believes in fire service leadership taking a "lead from the front” approach and we utilize this in our training classes and actively implement this into the company as well. We believe passionately in training every student to be the absolute best they can be. At Training Development Group, we exist to make you successful, to mentor, and show you the character traits these departments are looking for, and to teach you the mindset you will need to be successful in the competitive process of becoming a firefighter. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!


What People Say About Training Development Group

  • CJ Summers
    “Everything about Training Development Group is FIRST CLASS. From the station house, to the food, to the training, knowledge, and tools provided. I can't speak highly enough about my experience.”
    CJ Summers
    Abbotsford, BC
  • Daniel George
    “World-class fire training from some of the best firefighters in Texas. It won't be easy, it might not be fun, but you'll come out a better firefighter and therefore a better person.”
    Daniel George
    Sherwood Park, Alberta
  • Graeme Cross
    “I had the pleasure of meeting Tim in Texas. One of the best instructors I have ever had. Honest, tough and a vast of knowledge with real world experience. Be prepared to learn, work hard and have some fun too. Kudos to you Tim and your team! You won't regret your decision!”
    Graeme Cross
    Arnprior, Ontario
  • Sean Walsh
    “These are real firefighters, with real experience. They’ve seen it all, and through their experiences are able to teach and guide you in the right direction. They all played a vital role in my success in this class and the state exam. In all, I would highly recommend this academy. To be a winner, you need to surround yourself with winners. You will get top notch training and an experience that will change your life forever.”
    Sean Walsh
    Georgetown, Ontario
  • Daniel Brotherwood
    “I highly recommend this academy to anyone looking to get a taste for what this job entails. If you’re looking for a program that challenges you, educates you and fosters the go after it mentality then look no further! Their dedication and passion for teaching shows in the product they present. They went above and beyond to not just teach the material but to also instill a sense of pride, camaraderie, and respect in each recruit of our class to prepare us beyond the skills for life in the fire service.”
    Daniel Brotherwood
    Abbotsford, BC