Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I register?
Pay the applicable tuition and complete the online Fire Academy Application. You will need to create a FIDO account with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection to obtain your PIN number. To do you simply go to and follow the instructions to create a account. (If you already have a FIDO account DO NOT create a new one) Once you complete your account set up you should be able to login to your new account and your PIN number will be listed at the top right of the screen.
2When can I start the course?
Once we have received your completed application and payment you will be sent a course login to begin your online section of the course. The login information will be sent to the email address you provided on your application within one business day. Please follow the instructions in the application packet to avoid any delays in this process.
3Do I have to buy a uniform or PPE?
TDG will provide students with uniform t-shirts. Students must bring appropriate station boots, uniform pants and belt with them to boot camp. PPE rental is NOT included in the tuition price. All students must rent NFPA compliant PPE prior to boot camp. Instructions for PPE rental will be provided to each student prior to boot camp. Please refer to the application packet for specific uniform guidelines.
4How long will it take me to complete the course?
Students have up to 12 months from the date of registration to complete the online course AND 14 day on-site skills testing/boot camp. This is to ensure YOUR success! The online course is completed at your own pace but must be completed prior to boot camp. Most students find they can easily complete the coursework in 3-4 months.
5When can I schedule my on-site skills session/boot camp?
You may reserve your desired boot camp dates when you register. However, you must complete the online coursework and return the completed boot camp packet prior to arriving for boot camp. Please view available session dates listed on our Fire Academy page and simply select your preferred boot camp at checkout.
6Are airline tickets provided by TDG?
Airline tickets are not included in tuition and must be purchased by the student. After you have scheduled your on-site portion of the academy you will need to purchase your airline tickets to align with the appropriate arrival and departure dates and times.
7Is transportation from and back to the airport provided?
Yes, TDG will pick up students for each boot camp/skills session at a predetermined location. When you schedule your on-site session, you will be given the date and time of airport transportation pick up, what terminal and will be responsible for scheduling your flight to align with that timeline. All students must be at the predetermined terminal and gate area at the scheduled time slot and will be picked up by TDG staff. We will also provide transportation back to DFW airport on day 14 in the afternoon after your TCFP State certification exam.
8What if I can’t find a flight arriving on the day we are scheduled to be picked up at the airport?
This is not a big problem at all. You, at your discretion may purchase a flight that arrives at the time that is best for you or what you can find. It is not uncommon for students to arrive a day early and check into a hotel room near the airport. They will usually then get a taxi, Uber etc. and have that taxi drop them off at the appropriate terminal/gate area prior to the arrival of the TDG transportation. Please make sure you are there with time to spare. (There is a saying in the fire service…If you are early you are on time…if you are on time you are late!!! 😊)
9When will I get my firefighter certification?

There are 4 steps that must be completed to become certified.

Successful Completion of Fire Academy is the first step. Register now.

Passing the state required skills is the next step and takes place during your 14 day bootcamp.

The third step is successfully passing the written state exam (the exam will be given on the last day of bootcamp).

The final step is to obtain the minimum medical training required by the state (More information about this can be found in the Application Packet).

After all 4 steps are completed you will eligible to submit your certification application to the Texas Commission on Fire Protection with the applicable fee and obtain your certification.

10How do I transfer a Texas Fire Certification to my state/country?
Texas Fire Certifications are recognized by IFSAC. Once you obtain a Texas Fire Certification you may obtain for your IFSAC seals through the state of Texas. You will have the option to print your IFSAC seals immediately after you receive your Texas Fire Certifications. The IFSAC seals are the key to transferring your certifications. If you live in an IFSAC member state or country your certification should be easily transferable once your IFSAC seals are obtained.
11What is IFSAC?
The IFSAC Certificate Assembly provides accreditation to entities that certify the competency of, and issue certificates to, individuals who pass examinations based on the National Fire Protection Association fire service professional qualifications and other standards approved by the Assembly. This allows the opportunity for certification reciprocity in other IFSAC member states and countries. Please check the website to see if your state or country qualifies at
12What if I have another question not answered here?
Give us a call! 1-877-995-5656 We will help you in any way we can.