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Prepared to Serve

Designed for Canadians. Designed for competition. At Training Development Group, we offer specialized training in small class settings to give you the edge you need to be successful in the competitive process of becoming a firefighter.

Canadian Compliance

As an IFSAC state, the certification you receive by the Texas Commission of Fire Protection can easily be transferred to IFSAC seals, which are recognized in Canada. Our previous graduates, located across Canada in provinces including British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and more, have gone on to be highly competitive during processes.

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Respected and Proven Firefighter Training

At Training Development Group, you will receive expert mentorship from experienced firefighters and EMS providers, currently working in the industry and serving their communities.

You will also receive:
• NFPA 1001 certifications in Firefighter I, Firefighter II, and NFPA 472 Certifications in Hazmat Awareness and Operations from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP)


Disclaimer: To receive your NFPA 1001 certifications, all of the following must be met.

• Complete a Texas Commission on Fire Protection approved basic structural fire suppression program (our online program meets this requirement)
• Pass the commission examinations (these will be taken at the end of the 14 day skills session)
• Meet the medical training certification requirements—this step can be done AFTER completion of Fire Academy (at a minimum the medical training must cover these four subjects: Infection Control, Bleeding Control, Shock Management and CPR)

*All commission requirements can be found here: www.tcfp.texas.gov/.
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Tuition Costs

Training Development Group Fire Academy is a flexible program designed to fit your schedule. Our hybrid training is part online, part classroom, with all fees payable in US dollars.

Included In Your Tuition

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Items You Must Provide To Attend Bootcamp :

• BLACK Leather Station Uniform boots
• NAVY BLUE Uniform pants and uniform belt
• Personal items needed (ie., shower, grooming, and any other personal care items needed)
• Any legally prescribed medication required or over the counter medication required
• Airline Tickets (if applicable)

*Now offering our Simple Payment Plan option.


Fire Academy Tuition Costs for Canadian Students


*All prices are in USD. Rates may vary due to the current conversion rate.

Choose between a one time payment or our Simple Payment Plan option. See details at registration.
COVID-19 UpdateRegistrations and online course components are still operating as normal during this time. Future boot camp dates will be adjusted if needed based on travel ban status. Our COVID-19 response statement can be found here.