Are you looking for a career as a firefighter?

Do you currently have a job and responsibilities that make this a challenge? Do you need the flexibility of an online certification program? Are you wanting to attend a program that will provide you with everything you need from start to finish? Are you looking for a program that will assist you in being successful in your journey? Do you want to learn about the FIRE SERVICE culture and the mindset required to enter the competitive processes that are required to get that phone call?

Training Development Group Fire Academy is an online Basic Fire Academy that is designed to fit into any schedule. The online Fire Academy format allows students 10 months to complete the academic portion of curriculum at their own pace (most students will complete this portion in 4-5 months). Following the successful completion of online course work the student will attend a 14 day boot camp and hands-on skills session in Texas. During the 14 day session the student will demonstrate mastery of basic skills required to obtain their TCFP Basic Structural Firefighter Certification which will also allow you to obtain IFSAC seals for NFPA 1001 Firefighter Level 1-2 and NFPA 470 Hazmat Awareness and Operations.

Basic Fire Academy course includes the following:

NFPA 1001 Firefighter Level I

NFPA 1001 Firefighter Level II

NFPA 470 Hazmat Awareness

NFPA 470 Hazmat Operations


After successful completion of course work, boot camp, required skills testing, and the TCFP certification exam you will receive a TCFP Certificate. All courses included in the Basic Fire Academy curriculum are approved by the state of Texas’ Texas Commission on Fire Protection, and IFSAC allowing transfer to Canada and other IFSAC states or countries.

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