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TCFP Fire and Emergency Services Instructor I

Course Dates/Information


Start Date: Course start dates are listed below (Students may pay tuition, receive an access code, and access the online curriculum prior to the start date of the course.)

Deadline for Registration: 25th of the month prior to the selected start date (No students will be enrolled in the class after the deadline.)

Exams: Class Midterm Exam will be on the 15th of the course month (students must complete Chapters 1-4 REQUIRED work to have access to the Midterm exam.)

Class Final Exam will be on the 25th of the course month (students must complete Chapters 5-8 REQUIRED to have access to the Class Final Exam.)

A passing score on all EXAMS is 70% or above.

Each exam MUST be taken on the DATE scheduled and within the time frame allotted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Course Work/Chapter Work: Students are encouraged to utilize all study material in each chapter. Any work in each chapter titled (REQUIRED) must be completed (Ebook Quizzes). A passing grade on all REQUIRED chapter work is 80% or above.

Skills Practice/Assignments: ALL Skills Practice/Assignments must be completed and downloaded into the classroom prior to the class final exam.

Skills Testing: Skills Testing will take place on the 5th of following month at Johnson County Emergency Services Training Center.

Address: 2451 Service Drive, Cleburne, Texas 76033

Time: 0800 am

Skills Testing: All students have the option of utilizing their own department’s TCFP certified Field Examiners to complete Skills Testing. Skills Testing MUST still be completed on 5th of the month following the class final exam.

All students choosing this option SHALL email the below FIELD EXAMINER’S information to: PRIOR to the class final:


TCFP Certification Exam: Training Dev Group will not schedule TCFP Exams for students completing the Instructor I course. This will be the responsibility of the student.

Contact Information:

Training Development Group Phone #: 877-995-5656

Chief Training Officer (Tim Whetstone): Email:

Chief Academic Officer (Brandon Ferguson): Email: