What WE offer YOU

Online Fire Academy Training Dev Group
NFPA 1001 and NFPA 1072…or 472…or 473?

What sets us apart???  Let me start here.  If you don’t currently possess or want to possess and own a WINNING mindset, you most likely are better off going somewhere else for a simple “certification”.  If the only thing you are looking for is NFPA 1001, NFPA 470, your Firefighter I, II, and Hazmat Awareness and Operations, then go find that.  If you like picking “low hanging fruit” as they say…we will present a problem for you.  We exist and are in business to take folks that are not in the fire service and turn them into professionally certified firefighters.  Period.  We make no apologies.  We make no excuses.  Why???  The fire service is a highly competitive profession to even enter let alone be successful in.  I don’t care how others explain it to you.  Bottom line.  You will compete to get placed on a list.  You will compete and test to make a list to go on to the next steps and then into interviews, etc.  You will also compete in some form or another to promote once in the fire service. That in a nutshell is why we exist. 

I am not here to make friends.  I am here to leave the fire service better than I found it.  It has given so much to me, that is the least I can do. The challenge I get to wake up to every workday as a current Lieutenant/NR Paramedic at my department is to be ready and win every battle that is presented. THE WORLD IS RUN BY THE PEOPLE THAT SHOW UP.  My mission is to bring in folks of a warrior mentality but yet outstanding and unquestionable character and turn them into viable candidates for the stake holders, Fire Chiefs, other officers and hiring boards.

To keep it “relatively short” …I will not stand by and just have a “program”.  If you are looking to really dig deep and challenge yourself while learning what it takes to join our fire service, learn our culture, and obtain the certification required; I will personally promise you we are the place for you.  If you just want something that’s “something”.  WE are not it.


Chief Whetstone